1 year ago on May 6, 2013
Anonymous said: "Okay, I'm on anon for personal reasons, just so you know. Anyway, I was born with female genitalia and I'm really only interested in men, but I feel as though I want to be a male some days and a female other days and I typically have both guy and girl "habits and tendencies" (if you will)... Would this be considered gender-fluid? ;3;"

Hmm… Well, its a bit hard for me to answer this as gender and sexuality are such personal subjects. Genderfluidity has little to nothing to do with whom you are attracted to (atleast for me). I would say that these are certainly things that might identify yourself as genderfluid, but it has as much to do with your body and physical characteristics and how comfortable you are with them, like existing with them,  as a mind-set. If you feel like the way you live your life id genderfluid, calling yourself male names and pronouns as well as female ones, then I would say that might put you in the genderfluid category. If you or anyone else needs/wants to talk to me about this, shoot me an ask and I will try and answer it best I can. :)

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